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Pear, also known as Amritphale is a sweet fruit. There are two varieties of Pear, hard (Nashpati) and soft (Babbu-gosha). Pear is a rich dietary source of minerals and vitamins.

Eating Pear regularly helps to manage constipation as it has high dietary fibers. Due to low calories and vitamin C content, it helps in weight management and boosts immunity.

Pear also helps to manage diabetes as it has hypoglycemic activity due to which it controls blood sugar levels. It is good for the heart due to its antioxidant activity that helps protect against free radical damage.

Pear can be applied to the face in the form of pulp to get rid of blemishes. It contains arbutin which lowers the melanin levels and helps in skin whitening. Applying the paste of Pear leaves also helps in faster wound healing. According to Ayurveda, people having weak digestion should avoid over consumption of Pear as it takes longer time to digest due to its Guru (heavy) nature[2].